Warm Water Underfloor Heating

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All of the qualities that make the Underfloor Heating luxuriously comfortable also make it the economical way to heat!

  • Runs at gentle, more economical, temperatures. Nice for you, more efficient for your boiler.
  • Heat not trapped in a "warm blanket" under the ceiling.
  • Comfort temperatures are between 2°-3°C lower. Every 1°C thermostats can be turned down means a 10% reduction in your fuel bill!
  • Eliminates floor draughts & dust circulation
  • Allows the use of modern "green" heating such as Heat Pumps & Solar Panels.
  • Space Saving! no radiator "footprint" : all heating apparatus neatly tucked away.
  • Superb with all wooden floors

Underfloor Heating feels completely different. No other system is as comfortable!

With Underfloor Heating the heat is where you want it - around you! The warmest part of an Under Floor heated room is the floor and the area immediately above it. The temperature gradually decreases towards the ceiling. Better still over 70% of the heat from our system is radiant heat (heat in its most direct form of energy, the warmth you feel in strong sunlight) which gives a feeling of warmth far beyond what the air temperature would indicate.

Because it relies on radiation rather than convection (the upward movement of heated air and, fall of denser cold air)
underfloor heating eliminates interior draughts especially the floor level draught that is a feature of conventional radiator systems. So no cold draughts around your ankles!

The floor is beaming heat at you.

The Space Saving Way to Heat

Even more comfort is achieved because the warm floor is a very inhospitable environment for the allergy causing dust mite. Not alone can they not breed in the floor but dust circulation is almost eliminated by this draught free system. Underfloor heating is the No. 1 choice for health and hygiene.

You do not have to share your space with your heating system. Your entire house can be yours! Now you can be free to design your interior any way you want, place your furniture anywhere you like.

Under Floor Heating delivers amazing economy. The heat emitter in our system is your entire floor. Instead of heating a small radiator to a very high heat - up to 85°C, you heat the floor area to a gentle 18°C- 20°C, demanding only 40°C from your boiler or heat pump. The lower operating temperature is far more efficient for the boiler resulting in an Immediate saving of 15% fuel compared with a radiator based system.
The saving does not stop there! Because of the gentle even radiant heat the temperature at which you feel comfortable is lower. Typically thermostats are set 2°C - 3°C lower in an underfloor heating situation. This makes for real saving when you consider that heat scientists tell us every 1°C thermostats are cut back means a 10% reduction in fuel bills. Fully thermostatically controlled Under Floor heating allows you to decide what heat: how much heat and where the heat goes. Incredibly there is scope for even more massive savings. Under floor heating is the perfect match for the clean "green" Heat Pump which cuts heating costs up to 70% by using natural free energy.

Under Floor Heating saves money by using your boiler/cooker at its most efficient and achieving lower comfort temperatures within any premises.

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