Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pumps are the future of heating. Instead of burning fuel to create heat a Geothermal Heat Pump collects natures heat already stored in the earth. The energy supplied to the heat pump is multiplied as it collects your heat.

IVT Greenline Ground Source Heat Pump

Heat-Tech Solutions are the leading specialists installers of Geothermal/Ground Source Heat Pumps.

We install the IVT, which is manufactured in Sweden.
IVT is one of the leading manufacturers of Heat Pumps and energy solutions in Europe. Their focus is on developing and manufacturing heat pumps that provide the optimal system with respect to the environment and heat economy.

IVT have been developing heat pump technology for 30 years, during this time more than 25,000 heat pumps have been installed.

So here are some very good reasons to install a Heat Pump!

  • They save you money as they don't make heat, they collect it, your bills are cut by 70%
  • Because they do not burn fuel, Heat Pumps lower green house gas emissions.
  • Heat Pumps run at 400% fuel efficiency
  • No horrible oil tank, no horrible oil bills



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